Whitewater sections are another adrenaline rush part of our courses. Although not typically very long they can include up to Class IV whitewater. There are three basic formats we use for whitewater depending on the water levels and difficulty of the river so that certifications of whitewater skill are not required. For lower water levels and less technical whitewater we use two-person duckies (whitewater inflatable kayaks) which have the durability of a raft but the mobility of a kayak. They offer the most control to the competitor. For medium volume and less technical rivers we use four-person (11' foot) rafts. They have more stability than a ducky but teams still maintain control as they guide the raft themselves. Finally, for high water or very technical rivers we will use slightly larger rafts with a qualified river guide for each team. The thrills are high but the control is minimal.

Safety is paramount on any whitewater section. We use a team of river guides and Swift Water Rescue Technicians both on shore and in spotter boats to ensure our readiness to deal with whatever situation may arise.

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